Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Family Visit

My older brother came to meet my son this week. He lives a few hours away so this was really special.

This was Sunday Morning. Had to wake everyone up except Sofie and Andrew. My kids are early birds and his crew all stay up really late. :)

Curly haired cousins.

Brooke is always ready with a pose.

Kyrsten is so beautiful. She woke up this pretty! :) She loves her baby cousin.

A little pouting off to the left because Brooke couldn't find her Barbie dolls. Payton was excited because he was about to play Wii Fit for the first time. He's fiercely competitive like the rest of the my family.

Christian was the early to bed, late to rise type. :) He was so full of fun stories, and remembers details really well.

She didn't want me to take a picture if he was crying. :) Can you tell he's ready for milk?

Uncle Chris and Andrew - he had lots of smiles for his uncle. Maybe it's because he looks like Momma.

Brooke was so excited to hold Andrew. She was a natural. (She's just as bossy as my Sofie, and started telling me how to take care of the baby. haha)

Aren't they the cutest?

Everyone loves Uncle Michael.

Kyrsten likes to look gangster in all her pictures. Silly girl.

Daddy and sleepy baby. He slept almost around the clock with that outfit on.

Kyrsten was warming by the fire.

I just got out of the pool in this pic. :)



There was a little fighting, a lot of giggling, and so much imagination.

Chris: expert gamer and great daddy.

Payton, who is almost the same height as Brooke.

Christian - totally reminds me of his dad at this age.

She is 10 and the same height as Aunt Dee Dee. Seriously, why did I get the short stick?

Thanks for stopping in! Hope you're making memories to scrap. DeeDee


Jessica said...

I enjoyed the pictures--you have a lovely family! And your niece really does look a lot like Sofie!

Vivian said...

LOL- the extra neck roll, I have that too!!! (I happen to also love cookies... hmmm...)
Beautiful family! Thanks for all of your encouragement with Ethan, Dee Dee. It means a lot!


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