Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Night in the Giant Red Tomato

We've just started having Sunday nights as family night at the Roeboats. So I have some pics to share.

Blue and his caterpillar buddy. A tasty snack in a pinch.

M found this giant inflatable ball, and that's all we needed for a couple hours of fun.

The blowing up process was almost too much for Sofie.

She was not impressed when I told her it looks like a rotting tomato.

She knew exactly what to do once we finished blowing it up.

M took a turn.

Mommy took a turn in the vortex of asthmatic death.

Sofie was determined to be in it everytime someone else was.

This is the type of picture I usually edit and share with you all.

This is not.

But they're more realistic. :)

Good times! Thanks for stopping in. DeeDee

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Fantastic--these are really great--I'm sitting here smiling at you and your beautiful family!


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