Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Night September 6th and a family update

Our last two family nights have been spent outside at Getzandener park in Waxahachie. There are several sets of playground equipment for Sofie to play on, and a beautiful walking trail. My favorite part of going is the forest full of fireflies that come out at dusk. Sofie and M like to chase them, and catch them in their hands. One is more gentle than the other so about 50% of the fireflies survive catching..

A few pics of us on our way out the door.

Sofie has a sturdy kids camera, and she LOVES seeing her pics uploaded onto the computer. More on that later.
Me and my boy. :)
Don't you love the t-shirts?
M in a great mood for family night. Yay!
The next two pics were taken by Sofie. :)
2 tress in our front yard.
She kept telling me to "SMILE BIGGER MOMMA."

A little update:
M's students have been fantastic so far this year. I will have him put up a post about that soon. This is a direct answer to prayer.

He is also looking into getting a part time job to pay down the vast medical bills. Ugh. Blah. Ick. Please pray the right opportunity comes along, or that we find a child I could take in a few days during the week.

Sofie has been so difficult lately. Every day has been a test of wills. I'd say we have a battle nearly twice an hour every hour she is awake. She is pulling every trick in the book to exert control over each member of the family. I don't know how she will ever submit her will to God when she battles so fiercely against the slightest earthly authority. I am going to bed each night completely worn out from standing up to her. I have begun to wonder if I have what it takes to win. Please please pray for us.

Andrew is a sweet blessing to our family. He is soft smiles and big wet kisses. He is mostly sleeping so much better at night, but still having daily bouts of fussiness.

Thank you all for your prayers concerning my health. For those of you that don't know I have been diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome by both my immunologist and ENT. This was both a blessing and a blow to my emotional health. I am relieved to finally have some answers about the constant sickness, but I am also deeply disappointed that it is something far more serious than I had ever imagined.

So far my treatment mainly involves a 4 month course of high-dose Prednisone, weekly labs, exercise, and a drastic diet change. At the end of the 4 months I'll be evaluated to see if the Prednisone has put the syndrome into remission, and if not we will begin to talk about whether I need to add Chemo to the treatment regimen.

After being on steroids for 3 weeks my lab results showed that my glucose levels were reaching a pre-diabetic range. The immunologist is concerned this could lead to full blown diabetes.

Specific prayer requests: financing treatment as I don't have health insurance, that the CSS would go into remission before the 4 month mark, and that I would adjust quickly to cooking a new diet.

Thanks for all the prayers and concern. We love you all.



AJ said...

I will definitely pray for you! I hope all goes well

Those pictures are so cute, are the 06 and 09 the years they were born? I love that idea it's so cute!

gardeningmom said...

very nice pictures. love seeing them. Please tell M to be more careful with the fireflies!

Crystal said...

They look adorable in their shirts!!! Hope every thing starts going better with your health! Please keep us posted. Thinking of you lots!


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