Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Family Home

It was a quiet week in my craft room. I pulled out shelves, and gave some charming papers the chance to inspire me. Most just mocked at me that they'd been sitting around far too long, so I slipped them back into their hiding places to contemplate their bad attitudes. 

It took me some time to sort through what I want to work on next. Sorting through my scraps made me want to get together some things for Etsy, but then I decided I really needed a Big Shot if I was going to try to create a following there. Follow that train? ;)

Can I share my good deal? I managed to get this brand spanking new for $43 including the tax and shipping. I am not a hello kitty fan, but you can't beat that right? :) Now to sketch some ideas for tags..

This is a paper bag album I put together when I did the last two. I love the colors of it. They're very autumnal and homey. There's a little bit of most of my favorite companies represented here: Pink Paislee (happy sigh), Maya Road, Sassafras Lass, My Mind's Eye, a little Basic Grey. I'm not afraid to mix it up!

I see some Graphic 45. I have an idea brewing for using some of their Christmas papers. One more wee before I break out all my Christmas supplies.

I just love the layout of these last few albums. I am not done playing with the design yet. I am seeing more flaps in the future. :)

Little vintage lace I found on Etsy last year. Is yellow okay for Autumn? Reminds me of the changing leaves - just not here in Dallas. :)

Happy Scrapping friends! I hope to sneak some time in the craft room soon.


Monday, October 19, 2009

One last treat

It's time to clear the craft room of all things black and orange. It seems like it went by so fast this year. I didn't get to do all the playing I wanted to. Maybe next year will be slower. :) 

This paper bag album is actually the first thing I started this season, but it took me a long time to pick it back up. I used up scraps from my stash, and from a vintage goodie pack I found on Etsy.

Oh Etsy - you make me weak in the knees.

A little color added with some BoBunny blooms. I have no idea where I put them after I finished this page. They should be fun to discover one day. ;)

Using up some vintage pumpkin images. The one on the right kind of freaks me out. lol

 This is a birthday card I made for a friend with a Halloween bday. Cards aren't really my thing, but I thought it still looks nicer than store bought. :)

And a little picture of my sweet pumpkin girl taken yesterday.

Can't wait to scrap it! :)

I am teaching a PBA class tomorrow at TCS. I am so excited, and nervous. I hope everyone is nice. I hope I didn't forget anything. I hope my children behave for my hubby. Eeeeek!

Happy Scrapping everyone. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shower Photos

I have Blue in the swing almost asleep, and I am uploading pictures to Shutterfly. I came to the realization tonight that I haven't printed pictures since Sofie's first birthday! I hope to catch up on this during my late date nights with Blue this next week. :)

I came across these pics from my baby shower, and realized I never posted them. Thank you so much to all my friends that made this day special for me. It was THE best day of my whole pregnancy.

Milk chuggers. :)
I can't believe there was a baby in there!
Ebeth and I
MeShell my Bell

Faith, I have like 5 shots with you and you look gorgeous in each one, but I am making weird faces every time.

Looks like Blue is down. I am off! Hope you're all sleeping sweetly. Love to you all. Dee2

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keeping Company

What am I doing up at 2:30 am you ask?

Spending time with this fat rascal.
He has been awake since 10 pm, and is going strong. Grrr. Mommy is very tired, and trying not to have thoughts about leaving him in a basket on one of your doorsteps. ;)

So while he is awake, and determined to scream if I so much as look away I thought I'd post a few pictures. Please excuse my recent lack of blogging, and the haphazard fashion I will be presenting these pics. :)

Even though it's not a flattering picture of me - I like it! You can tell he looks like me. Heehee. Notice he has my chin, nose, lips, and eyes. He does have Daddy's creamy skin and brow, but who's keeping score?

The big sister with her super curly hair on the way to family game night.
Playing in the backyard after the rain. This is the big fake smile that drives me nuts. I am a mean Momma because I tell her I won't take her picture unless she smiles nice.
I tried getting her to say different words so she wouldn't CHEESE, but she over-thought it.
She's still the most beautiful girl in the world.

***Baby is yawning. I'm out of here. More pics when I have a moment to myself. Well. Hmm. I can't find that asterisk again so blah. Good night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Promised Princess Pumpkin

Just for the record, a little bit of glitter in the hands of an eager 3-year-old is a dangerous thing.

She doesn't match the rest of her gourd family anymore, but she sure does remind me of my daughter.

She favors Mardi Gras more than Halloween, but my girl loves purple!

As you can tell by her outfit today. This is her big fake smile. I hope she outgrows it soon! :)

Another paper bag album I put together this week. I am having fun playing with my new design.

I know. I know. There is a lot going on here. I had so many ideas, and maybe I should have let go of some of them, but ... I didn't. :)

Happy Scrapping! Dee2

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boo-tiful Inspiration

Mr. Wonderful brought home flowers for me, and pumpkins for our daughter who wanted to decorate them.
This is what happened to Mr. Pumpkin next. I don't have a picture of the finished piece yet as it got too dark before all that glue dried. My daughter was so conflicted: play and get messy, or have clean hands? The glitter won out for sure. I will try to get a pic of this *treat* tomorrow.

This is my album inspired by the flowers and ribbon. I decided to use up some old Daisy D's paper, and go for the glitter as long as we had it out.

Hidden Pocket Pages

I had fun playing with the manila tags, figuring out ways to work them into the design.

Ahh ribbon. I want to start adding it to all my clothes! Haha.

Can you tell this is another half page over a full? Fun little things I like about doing a PBA.

I sneaked in some Pink Paislee rub-ons. I am determined to finish out the sheet for once! :)

Tada! Stands up nicely for display. :)

Anyway, those are some of the pages. More on eBay if you're browsing.

I leave you with a pic of me and my tiny drop of Blue perfection.

Happy Scrapping. Dee2

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is it too late to get credit for Spring Cleaning?

Seeing as it's been a year since I cleaned my craft room I thought it was about time to tackle it this week. I hate to think that it's been a year, but I am slowly getting back on my feet health-wise.

I put aside projects that just need to wait for a different season, letting myself admit I don't have the time or energy to do everything now.

I started a jar of odds and ends that will bug me until everything is in its place. I sorted ribbons, rub-ons, gems, buttons, beads, trims, chipboard, die-cuts, tags, stamps, ...

When I was really tired of moving things from one place to the next I sat down with some Halloween supplies, and let myself play for a bit. I didn't have the time or vision to work on an album so I made a few little odds and ends tags.

Let's start with the promising ones. ;)

Mr. Hoot came together quite easily after I scrubbed my stamp clean. It only took half a jar of stamp cleaner. haha The yellow button is supposed to be the moon. Hoot is Maya Road, and that branch is Sassafras Lass.

This tag was an attempt at using up leftover rub-ons and die-cuts from my Pink Paislee stash. The purple button brings it all together for me. :) I did wish i had some sparkly black brads to add to the ends. Alas, I have no black beads. Someone remind me next time I am at the store! Actually, if you see me at the store remind me that I need to pay Target for a bottle of counter-spray-cleaner I apparently brought home without paying for. *Blush*

This was my attempt at vintage. The black dotted paper is Fancy Pants? Don't take my word for it. haha. Cindy-Yapping Cat was asking me if I could do vintage, and I'm just not sure I have the skill. What would you say? Needs improvement? Either way, my favorite of all the tags.

Not bad, but somehow still too plain right? The only thing I could think of adding was another circle inside the scalloped circle. I had the ribbon going across both sides, but it wasn't an improvement. I am accepting critiques on this one even though I don't plan to play with it anymore. ;)

Now here's where it all got messy. Last week someone was bragging that they knew someone even s-l-o-w-e-r than slow at scrapping, and the slow-poke was me! lol I decided to give myself 5 minutes per tag for this tag, and the next. The final result is - I NEED MORE TIME!

This sweet little pumpkin gal stumped me. I almost think I should have flipped her sideways and cut up the sentiment. I love the trim across the bottom, but I feel like it should be under her? Does that make sense?

Anyway, glad you were here to listen to my ramblings as the hubby just didn't get them. :) Happy Scrapping, or organizing as the case may be. Dee2

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall's Top 10

Crispy autumn leaves, cooler temperatures, hot cocoa, sweaters: Fall is finally here! :) 

I created this mini for PFOP's PINK charity AUCTION supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of National Breast cancer Awareness Month. All of our projects were supposed to use pink as our inspiration. I struggled with the pink theme a bit as I wanted to play with fall colors. Then I took a friend on her first trip a scrapbook store (she was overwhelmed!), and I found these adorable BoBunny papers to play with.  

I felt like I struck gold with the blends of pinks, browns, and creams. :) I spiced things up with some chipboard leaves, a little layering, and voila - I love it!

I decided to do this one as a tag album with plenty of space for journaling, and scattered 3x5" photos would fit nicely.

There are tiny hints of mustard and blood orange throughout. I think they're nice accents to make the pink just a bit more Fall-ish.

 Isn't the little owl sweet? And I love the sentiment on the right. I used to love raking leaves into big piles. I don't ever remember jumping on them, but maybe I'll do it with my kiddos one day. Of course, I'd have to move somewhere that actually has falling leaves. ;)

There is hardly anything I like better than getting outside and tip-toeing the paths of the forest, letting my mind wander as freely as my steps. I remember my very first forest walk at 4 years old in Germany. I felt such wonder at the heights of the trees, and fear that I'd never find my way back. I fancied myself a grand adventurer.

This sweet little tree on the back reminds me to stop and notice the passing of time. The leaves are changing, and I hope that I, too, am becoming more beautiful on my journey.

Happy scrapping friends. Dee2


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