Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is it too late to get credit for Spring Cleaning?

Seeing as it's been a year since I cleaned my craft room I thought it was about time to tackle it this week. I hate to think that it's been a year, but I am slowly getting back on my feet health-wise.

I put aside projects that just need to wait for a different season, letting myself admit I don't have the time or energy to do everything now.

I started a jar of odds and ends that will bug me until everything is in its place. I sorted ribbons, rub-ons, gems, buttons, beads, trims, chipboard, die-cuts, tags, stamps, ...

When I was really tired of moving things from one place to the next I sat down with some Halloween supplies, and let myself play for a bit. I didn't have the time or vision to work on an album so I made a few little odds and ends tags.

Let's start with the promising ones. ;)

Mr. Hoot came together quite easily after I scrubbed my stamp clean. It only took half a jar of stamp cleaner. haha The yellow button is supposed to be the moon. Hoot is Maya Road, and that branch is Sassafras Lass.

This tag was an attempt at using up leftover rub-ons and die-cuts from my Pink Paislee stash. The purple button brings it all together for me. :) I did wish i had some sparkly black brads to add to the ends. Alas, I have no black beads. Someone remind me next time I am at the store! Actually, if you see me at the store remind me that I need to pay Target for a bottle of counter-spray-cleaner I apparently brought home without paying for. *Blush*

This was my attempt at vintage. The black dotted paper is Fancy Pants? Don't take my word for it. haha. Cindy-Yapping Cat was asking me if I could do vintage, and I'm just not sure I have the skill. What would you say? Needs improvement? Either way, my favorite of all the tags.

Not bad, but somehow still too plain right? The only thing I could think of adding was another circle inside the scalloped circle. I had the ribbon going across both sides, but it wasn't an improvement. I am accepting critiques on this one even though I don't plan to play with it anymore. ;)

Now here's where it all got messy. Last week someone was bragging that they knew someone even s-l-o-w-e-r than slow at scrapping, and the slow-poke was me! lol I decided to give myself 5 minutes per tag for this tag, and the next. The final result is - I NEED MORE TIME!

This sweet little pumpkin gal stumped me. I almost think I should have flipped her sideways and cut up the sentiment. I love the trim across the bottom, but I feel like it should be under her? Does that make sense?

Anyway, glad you were here to listen to my ramblings as the hubby just didn't get them. :) Happy Scrapping, or organizing as the case may be. Dee2


Brook said...

I am such a fan. Everything you touch is like gold to me. I would love them all.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

first, you are NOT the slowest scrapper I know, so you can't be the slowest ever...I totally think you can do vintage...the vintage tag and the second one from the bottom prove it... I was thinking of that lovely box with book you did a year or so ago in soft yellows, whites and it has a very vintage feel to me. I WISH I was as organized as you are. :)

Dee Dee said...

Hahaha the accuser identifies herself. ;) I am slow. I know it. That box was rather vintage. I'd forgotten. I guess I just need to look around at supplies more, and see what's out there that I like in that genre.

BabyBokChoy said...

Let me get this straight, as a part of your cleaning program, you made these adorable pieces? Dang, I'd clean every day then! I can't believe you have an annual cleaning/sorting/organizing schedule! I love all the vintage pieces, I'm sucker for Crafty Secrets, got them all, don't do anything with them, coz I just HOARD! LOL. Looks like you do vintage MIGHTILY fine! and what's wrong with plain? LOL. I'm all about plain!! LOL!!

JnA said...

aww Ilove Mr. Hoot!
I must admit birds used to creep me out but I'm starting to really like them!

Tina said...

These are all super cute, the owl is my fav!!!

Elaine said...

oooooohhhh!! Maybe you are vintage girl and you don't even know it! They are totally so cute, DeeDee!! Imean it - how sweet is the pleated trim and the sparkly leaf, the bling, and the banner...there's stitching, inking, corrugating, and even BRADS! You are sooooo not fooling are awesome with tags, girl! Admit it!

ocbrandy said...

Um probably too late for credit on spring cleaning... but I always love to do fall cleaning too. Got to get the homestead in tip top shape to be cooped up all winter!
They are all fantastic! I can never create and clean at the same time...not even in the same week most likely. Wrong planet alignment or something. My fav is the black with dots and the spider.

Vanessa said...

They are all adorable!! I totally understand that you had to make them during cleaning up your stuff! I gave up sorting my supplies... I always end up with crafting! And afterwards it`s messier than before :) Hubbies never understand anything concerning crafting!


NinaB said...

Oh wow, Dee, these are gorgeous. I esp love the one that says family and the last one. I want to do collages like you when I grow up ;-).

Tammy said...

Just gorgeous Dee Dee ~ what a treat looking at each of your creations!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! ;-)

I "spring cleaned" my room a week ago ;-) and you would NEVER know it to see it now. Tomorrow I HAVE to tidy up, I think there are a couple of projects under that mess somewhere!! lol

cindy said...

OK, actually it was me that the "accuser" said was slowest of slow...I think you were second. :D OK, so much here, you know I love all that you do. And see, you can do vintage! You just needs some goods. I know a girl that can hook ya up. LOL. And and I think the little pumpkin girl is cute, but I can see what you are saying. And I know there was something else I wanted to say, but now I can't remember. I'm slow and forgetful! LOL LOL

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