Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Paper Bag Album and Over the Top

This is the last of the paper bag albums I made a few weeks ago. It is a bit softer in color than the others, but still deliciously Autumn in hue.

I almost couldn't bring myself to use that Prima Rose, and the Stampin Up! ribbon that ties it closed. Please someone help me not become a supply hoarder. :)

Love this sweet Sassafras Lass paper mixed with the lacy trim.

Love the big yellow blossom - it has been sitting on my desk for months keeping me company. I had to replace it before I was able to use it. Haha.

I have been awarded this blog memento 6 times this week so I thought I would respond. Feel free to skip this part. ;)

Where is your cell phone? 

Your hair? 

Your mother? 
Night Owl

Your father? 
Recently back from Iraq. 

Your favorite food? 

Your favorite drink?

 Your dream last night? 

Your dream/goal?  
Raise my children to fear the Lord, and keep His commandments.

What room are you in?

Your hobby? 

Your fear? 
Missing the Mark

 Where do you want to be in 6 years? 

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?  


 Wish list item?  
White shelves

 Where did you grow up?

Last thing you did? 
Change a diaper

What are you wearing? 



Your life?

Your mood?

 Missing someone?
 Baby Brother


Something you aren't wearing? 
A feather boa

Your favorite store? 
Half Price Books

Favorite color?

When was the last time you laughed?

When my daughter told me she had a great idea "Milkshakes for bedtime snack!"

Last time you cried?

Your best friend?

One place you go to over and over? 

One person who emails you regularly?
Canadian Meds for Less

Favorite place to eat? 
Johnny Carinos



Babydoll said...

I love the album! It looks great! Good luck with your Ebay sales. :)

Vanessa said...

Super album! Love this vintage look - hope you have successful sales!


BabyBokChoy said...

Good luck with your ebay sales! The album is so sassy, love sassy Sass albums, hee hee :) I need to dig out the "older" sass and use it but you know, it's never going to be old, they are timeless :) Love those flowers and all the dtails, so fabulous. Fun answers!!! thanks for sharing!!!

ocbrandy said...

I love how you set up your PB albums! This another fantastic job well done :)
Thanks for sharing, we can't skip that part!

kitsNbits said...

Love all your albums - you have a great eye for color combinations. also love the commentary.

Sandie said...

Stunning as always Dee Dee! A work of art. Hope your ebay listings do really well.

Tina said...

That book is super yummy!! I'm happy you are using your yummy things, and not hording them like I tend to do ;)

Scrap*Pieces said...

Don't feel alone, I'm a hoarder too! I can't seem to use those Prima flowers unless I have at least 2. lol

Charlene said...

Awesome creations sweetie!!! And dont worry Im a horderer too!!!

Terry Oulboub said...

I love seeing your albums and am inspired to try this - takes me OUT of my comfort zone. Yours are delicious! I love your award list; you are too funny - I like that milkshakes for bedtime snack - your kids are too cute DeeDee. :p

Tammy said...

This album looks so cozy! Beautiful!!!

Your daughter's milkshake comment -- priceless! What would we do without kids to make us smile!

Tammy said...

You have such a great sense of humor ~ I just LOVE it!!

Love your album too ~ I'm there with ya when it comes to using supplies that I love. I had to have the prima flowers just sit on my desk for awhile before I could "part" with them.

I was thinking I should make some wall art, or frame using favourite supplies for ME to enjoy ;-). Do you think that might work for us??

Sherry Wright said...

Beautiful album!

cindy said... you crack me up!!!! you and sister have the same type of wit. LOL. that's meant as a compliement, btw. LOL. Love your answers, but even more, love the book, gorgeous. AND love that you had to replace the flower that had been sitting on your desk. Oh honey, just join the club and be done with it. Like we can help you? We (Sis and I) can't even open cool packages when they arrive. Now, THAT'S sad! LOL.

yapping cat

JnA said...

I totally get what you mean about the supply hoarding- that is so me lol


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