Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa Paper Bag Album

This is a paper bag album I made last year. I finished out some of the pages that just weren't working for me.

On the cover I just changed to a bigger ribbon on the tags. I still like what I did before. You might see some small changes in style.

I dressed this page up with more layers on the paper strip, added some flourishes, and that yummy flower. If I could do it over again I might emboss the cardstock. Alas, my glue was not letting go. ;)

This was the only page that had to be completely redone. You ever have one of those, what was I thinking moments? Well, I glued over one. Haha. This is on eBay if you want to see more pics.

Is everyone else playing with Christmas crafts now? I have some altered projects I want to do as decorations around my house. I used to put my decorations up on my birthday (Nov. 29th), then the day after Thanksgiving, but now I have a hankering to get all mine out now. Is it too early? :) What if I promise not to play Christmas music yet?

Happy Scrapping! Dee2


Elaine said...

Oh yeah! Looking good baby! I love the santa paper bag album DeeDee!! The velvet blossom and swirl are uber cool!

ocbrandy said...

I have the same problem Dee Dee! I usually wait til after Thanksgiving too, but I sure have the hankering to pull it all out now :)

Gorgeous album as usual! I thought I saw a little bit of a style difference... I love the B&W title and the little "to be jolly" is a perfect accent!

Vanessa said...

This album is another fab creation! I hope to have time to do some christmas decoration this year - and that my daughter and my cat won`t destroy it;)


Terry Oulboub said...

DeeDee, to me, its never too early for Christmas! I love this album. I had to check back and forth here because I actually made a paper bag album and my hats off to you for doing such a fabulous job each time - these are truly unbelievable! The time you put in to make it so crafty and creative is really a coup. Whew...Beautiful!

BabyBokChoy said...

I love your album and I really love that you sell your stuff on ebay, that's quite inspirational!! I think I'll be putting s'thing on ebay soon, my clinique samples, LOL.
Oh yes, I'm working on Christmas projects, girlfriend, TIS the season!!!! When it is ACTUALLY Christmas, we'd be all done with Christmas crafting!!!

{eleise} said...

Oh yay! More Christmas! I love it!

You are so super talented!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Dee Dee, well, I'm just now learning about those laser mice. My husband has been holding out on me! LOL And no, it's not too early for Christmas, I'm having a really hard time sticking to turkeys right now. I always love hearing from you!
Hugs, Debra

Jingle said...

This is great! I have some Thanksgiving crafting I want/need to do before I head full on into Christmas.

cindy said...

LOVE the colors on rich and warm. please oh please do not start playing Christmas music (oh gah! I'm sure Sis is ALREADY humming it). eyeroll.

yapping cat

prashant said...

You are so super talented!

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