Thursday, January 14, 2010

16 Months Later

We moved into our house in September of 2009, and my hubby just put the first two nails in the wall for me this week. I have been reluctant to put anything on the walls as I am always thinking about the next place we will live. Guess being an army brat will do that to a person.

 Here is a shot from the doorway. I'm sure you're all looking at my messy desk instead of the shadowboxes so I will acknowledge it. ;) I am working on 3 different projects there so I have a lot of stuff out.

Here are the shadow boxes. I found them for $10 each at Target last week. The three pots are from Ikea. I don't plan to leave what is in them now permanently. They are far too practical, and I need them to be more pretty than functional. ;)

This one holds a pic of my daughter and I from October 2007. The blue card is from my sweet friend Hope - a little encouragement for the tough year I just went through. The necklace was made by a blog friend who went to be with Jesus Jan. 3rd. The pincushion was an Etsy find. I had bought it to send to my grandmother, but she passed away the week before Christmas when I was supposed to be sending it.

All the paintings are by this artist. I find her scripture paintings so encouraging. This large one has wings made from the pages of a Bible.

 This pic is for my friend Sandie who wanted to see if my shelves were different than the last time she saw them. Um, not really. Hahahaha. I need to get busy using the stash. :)

Happy Scrapping everyone.


Sandie said...

messy desk?? ha!! come look at mine. Loving all the albums you are finishing off lately, keep them coming.

Scrap*Pieces said...

You desk looks pretty clean compared to mine!

Love all your stash! it's fabulous!

kitsNbits said...

all I can say is YOU ARE VERY NEAT AND TIDY. Love your de-stashing albums they are awesome

Brook said...

I'll would say, "I can show you messy!" but I won't. I'm much too embarrassed. I love your paintings.


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