Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's About Time

Three years ago, when I first started scrapbooking, my friends and I would browse eBay looking at all the amazing layouts and albums that were selling for sometimes hundreds of dollars. We couldn't imagine why people would pay so much when they could have the fun of making things themselves. Now that I have 2 kids - I know why! :) It's about time. There is never enough.

I started this paper bag album 2.5 years ago. I cut all the pages and ribbon, did all the inking. I just never found the time to glue in the pages and embellish them. So happy it is is done, and just as sweet as I originally imagined. :)

 Winter has hardly had time to chill my bones, and I am already longing for Spring. I know most people get a running start with the new year, but for me new beginnings always come with Spring. The vibrant colors of this album brought a happy little reminder of all things being made new.

Sweet pink and cream - my daughter told me this week she likes pink again, not just purple. I need to get some pictures before this limited window closes!! ;)

This chipboard album is also part of my destashing. I finished the first 6 pages over a year ago, but just never found the right mojo to finish it until this week. It really turned out more beautiful than I thought it would. :)

The different shaped pages were novel when this originally came out, but now I am woefuly behind the times. :D

That tag is from Crate Paper. I love the momma bird leading the little ones. So sweet.

I hope you're inspired to go through your stash and complete an unfinished project. If you don't have any  I'm sure there are quite a few of us that could spare one for you to work on. ;) Happy Scrapping. Dee2


kitsNbits said...

I love these albums - they are so sweet and the colors are beautiful.

Terry Oulboub said...

These are magnificent treasures Dee Dee; love those vibrant spring colors!

Sandie said...

Beautiful!! I just adore both. Fabulous work as always ;)

Do you remember the layouts that sold for $500+?? I still can't believe they ever sold for that amount. I even remember her ebay ID, lol.

Great to hear that the 'purple one' is willing to allow pink into your life once more :)

Kris said...

Beautiful, beautiful work!

NinaB said...

Hundreds of dollars, really? I'm curious what they look like. Your album is so pretty! If I make that, I wouldn't be able to part with it for just hundreds of dollars :-).

cindy said...

If you could see my would cringe, slap me and then cringe again. I never ever need to step into "you-know-where" for as long as I live...and yet I continue to go. LOL. Yes, I need to finish up all the things I have going. Thanks for the inspiration. LOVE the round book, even though no longer novel, it is adorable.

yapping cat

Brook said...

I am just in constant awe!


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