Sunday, April 25, 2010

Burlap, Glitter, and Flowers oh my

I put this together in a Lisa Pace class yesterday. It was so much fun. I got to sit next to some of my favorite girlfriends, and play with glitter! :)

Don't you love the burlap? Messy, but adds so much right texture and color. The class used pink and silver, but I wanted to do my favorites in green, brown, and yellow. Spring! :) 

There was a tiny bit of complaining by me as I threaded the buttons. Ouch, my hands were tired. 

Inside front cover.

One of the canvas envelopes. We added doilies, burlap, and milk bottlecaps. I love the vintage look with the pop of yellow ribbon. 

I added a bit of burlap and stitched a small piece of ribbon to the back. I wish I'd stitched it onto the paper, and then just glued it on, but I actually stitched all the way through the canvas. Haha. 

Um, have I mentioned how much I LOVE these pale yellow blossoms by Prima? SIIIIIGH. I think I will go back for more. 

I finished the back of this envelope with my left over supplies. The flower is made from a brown paper lunch sack I had sitting on the floor. 

Check out Lisa Pace's blog to see what the original looked like HERE. Happy scrapping! DeeDee


Sandie said...

OH WOW!! This make me want to do an album!! Stunning work Dee Dee. I just love how the yellow ribbon works so well. The lunch sack flower is amazing. Awesome job!!

ocbrandy said...

What a stunning masterpiece Dee Dee! You have done a lot here that I have been meaning to give a try! Inspiration..mmmm :O)

Elaine said...

New and so lovely! I have not had any canvas albums cross my path yet and love how you embellished this one just right, DeeDee! The cover is especially nice with the cage and the sparkly elements! I just adore your work!!

TracyJ said...

The flower is made out of your LUNCH bag? Get out of here!


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