Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Courage: My story

I am going to be teaching a new class at The Crafty Scrapper in June. I am so looking forward to it. :)

 The base is an acrylic album which I know a lot of people find intimidating, but it will be so easy and fun to get the layering down. I love the clean airy look I get with the acrylic albums. Don't you love this color combo? I am so into yellow right now. 

The whole album was inspired by that GCD studios tag on the cover. I made this a journaling album about the trials I faced in 2009. I am SO glad to be done with 2009. (So so glad.) This is a picture of me 2 months after having Blue. Now my face is all distorted from the steroids I am on. Whine whine. ;) If you take the class you'll probably see me in tears explaining my journaling process.

I will be showing people how to make these paper roses (and some others). I have picked up a few tricks as I have been putting them on everything lately! :D If you stand still too long I might put one on you too! More to show you soon.

Happy Scrapping. Dee2


Sandra Dee said...

I am a firm believer that everyone needs to reflect on the past. Whether it be the previous year or the year before. It may bring back bad memories or great ones, but you also see how you have grown. What you endured and pulled through. People tell I need to let go of the past, but my past has made me even stronger. Good for you encouraging others to reflect back!!!


Sandra said...

I have to agree with Sandra Dee's post. What you've gone through has made you a strong woman and you should be proud of yourself. Your work is really beautiful.

gardeningmom said...

I, on the other hand, have always considered you creative and vibrant and passionate. They all go together. You sought after that until you found an outlet. Love you

kitsNbits said...

dee dee, you inspire so many people through your art and just how sweet and kind you are. Your cup is always half full. I love that about you

Scrappinmum said...

DeeDee,I think you look BEAUTIFUL!! Anyone who sees something wrong with you doesn't know the story of you and can't be a judge! (hug)


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