Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red, White, and BLUE

My son just celebrated his first birthday yesterday. :) I couldn't find a local party hat that I loved so I decided to make one on my own. Yes, I knew he'd only wear it a few seconds before tossing it down or trying to eat it. It was fun! I think I will make more. :)

His party colors were red, white, and blue so I used these On Holiday papers by thegirlspaperie. Found that fun color of glitter from Martha Stewart. 

I tied the back with ribbon because he objected to me measuring his head at 3 am. :D 

This is another paper bag album I made for eBay. I love how it turned out, and think I may keep it for birthday pics for Blue. We shall see. :) 

Happy Scrapping! Dee Dee

Friday, June 25, 2010

Back With a Splash

I have been taking a break from eBay since Christmas, but along with the rest of Pcoket Full of Papers I am now "back with a splash." 

I've been working on some Americana albums. They've made me crave BBQ and fireworks. Just hard to think about being outside in 100 degree weather. Yuck! :)

Love the new Maya Road star pins perfect for the 4th, and the Jenni Bowlin cherry paper mixed in. :)

I made it a little inky, and then decided the next one would need brown mixed in with the red, white, and blue. Planning to work on that tonight. 

Something COLORFUL for a switch. This summer fun album was totally inspired by this giant fabric blossom by Prima. Swoon. :) 

I LOVE the My Mind's Eye papers. Too bad they don't need me for their design team - a girl can dream. ;)

MORE pics and albums on eBay if you're interested. Happy Scrapping. Dee2

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Destashing and Restashing

This is another project I've been working on for my year of the stash. :) I brought out some of my favorite Basic Grey papers - Sugared and made a couple of albums with it. I still have some stashed away to eventually make something for myself. :)

Love this vellum quote. I wanted the title under it to say DREAM, but I lost my "a" somewhere in the process. I fully expect to find it on my elbow in a few days. ;) 

I am still working my way through the stash of acrylic albums I bought a year ago. 5 more to go. :)

I have finally decided my favorite adhesive to use on them is Tombo Permanant. That's the first scrapbook glue I ever used, and I have gone back to it 3 years later. 

Love this romantic paper. :)

Layers of sweet reds and pinks. 

I may have gone a bit overboard with the embellishments, but I love it! :) 

The second project was a chunky Maya Road canvas album. I love this mix of colors: cranberry, smoke, and golden brown. 

Yummy trim mixed with lots of different textures. More pics of both on eBay. 

So I've been thinking, my year of the stash might be more effective if I wasn't buying new stuff.. :D

Happy scrapping, destashing, and re-stashing. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer!

I have a few projects to share from June. I had fun playing with these October Afternoon papers. I was trying to go for a non-traditional set of colors. I like the cardboard brown mixed in with the peach, green, and black.

 It was an odd combo, but I think it turned out nicely. 

This beach album is part of my continuation of the year of the stash. I started it over a year ago, and I am so happy to have it finished and mailed off. :) 

I love all of the rub-ons. They were so cute and easy to use. 

 I think the distress ink adds a nice sandy look to everything. I saw a new product that would have been perfect with this album. I think it's called Mud Puddles for making your own sand on projects. I just needed to be done! :)

Happy First Day of Summer! No shirt, No shoes, no problem. 


Getting Personal

I wanted to say a small thanks to Alison By the Bay for sending me happy mail. I won a sweet Valentine banner that she handmade. My daughter and I loved getting mail from Australia. We've been studying a word map learning the countries names and Australia is one of her favorites. 

This is a custom album that I made recently. The colors are based off the girls dress, and you can see a scrap of the dress as the belt on the dressform. 

I had fun embellishing this album with soft pinks and plums with a pop of black. 

The coiled flower is also made from a scrap of the prom dress. I love how it turned out. 

This is a little tag I made for someone who wanted my picture. The only photos I had of myself had my kids so I had to cut one of them out to make this! *blush* 

More to share soon. Happy Scrapping! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buttery Yellow and Pretty Pinks

Thank you for all the anniversary congratulations. :) My godmother watched our kids for us so we could go to dinner. We ended up with a flat tire so we went to Walmart to get that fixed. Then we realized we'd left BOTH our phones in the diaper bag so we returned for those. We decided to split an appetizer with our remaning 40 minutes. Real life cracks me up. I have to admit even 40 minutes of peaceful eating without my (sweet wonderful perfect) children was AMAZING. Haha. 

Here's a little project I made while those same cuties were sleeping. 

I love how it turned out. I know I went a little crazy layering over the G, but it is so cute in-real-life.

I used glossy aceents on the clock, and stickles on the letters. I usually just look at my stickles and skip them because they take SO long to dry. The heat gun doesn't really work for them. Any tips I'm missing?

I love these gorgeous flowers. Playing with scrappy flowers reminded me of how much I love live flowers. Just need to figure out how to grow some! :) 

The flower is crackled and shaded. Lots of lovely dimension throughout. You can see more pics of it on eBay here. 

I am working on a prom album for someone this week. Hope it turns out like I have in my head. :) Happy Scrapping! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me :)

Tomorrow is my 8th wedding anniversary. (Pats self on back.) I'm not really the lovey-dovey romantic type. I saw an anniversary card last month that had a couple arm-wrestling, and it said "Still holding hands after all these years." That is more me. :) 

BUT, I was inspired by these sweet papers and the thought of my anniversary to make a card for my hubby. He is a words-person. If you love him you need to say it - and writing it is even better. 

So - I love you hubby. Thanks for taking silly pics with me.

 These are the cards I made for eBay with my paper scraps. (I promise his wasn't so girly.)

Happy scrapping, and happy anniversary to all the fellow June brides. :)


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