Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buttery Yellow and Pretty Pinks

Thank you for all the anniversary congratulations. :) My godmother watched our kids for us so we could go to dinner. We ended up with a flat tire so we went to Walmart to get that fixed. Then we realized we'd left BOTH our phones in the diaper bag so we returned for those. We decided to split an appetizer with our remaning 40 minutes. Real life cracks me up. I have to admit even 40 minutes of peaceful eating without my (sweet wonderful perfect) children was AMAZING. Haha. 

Here's a little project I made while those same cuties were sleeping. 

I love how it turned out. I know I went a little crazy layering over the G, but it is so cute in-real-life.

I used glossy aceents on the clock, and stickles on the letters. I usually just look at my stickles and skip them because they take SO long to dry. The heat gun doesn't really work for them. Any tips I'm missing?

I love these gorgeous flowers. Playing with scrappy flowers reminded me of how much I love live flowers. Just need to figure out how to grow some! :) 

The flower is crackled and shaded. Lots of lovely dimension throughout. You can see more pics of it on eBay here. 

I am working on a prom album for someone this week. Hope it turns out like I have in my head. :) Happy Scrapping! 


Tammy said...

Glad you enjoyed your 40 minutes of peace and quiet. It's always good to have even a few minutes of being someone other than "Mom!" Then you can go back and be a better mother!

Love your album. Gorgeous! Good luck with it!

Elaine said...

I am sorry I missed getting this on Ebay - it's truly fabulous! Glad you had some special time together sans kids!

Alison said...

Hi deeDee at least 40 minutes is better than 0. Happy that you got to spend some time alone together on your anniversary


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