Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting Personal

I wanted to say a small thanks to Alison By the Bay for sending me happy mail. I won a sweet Valentine banner that she handmade. My daughter and I loved getting mail from Australia. We've been studying a word map learning the countries names and Australia is one of her favorites. 

This is a custom album that I made recently. The colors are based off the girls dress, and you can see a scrap of the dress as the belt on the dressform. 

I had fun embellishing this album with soft pinks and plums with a pop of black. 

The coiled flower is also made from a scrap of the prom dress. I love how it turned out. 

This is a little tag I made for someone who wanted my picture. The only photos I had of myself had my kids so I had to cut one of them out to make this! *blush* 

More to share soon. Happy Scrapping! 


Scrappinmum said...

Really cute!!
Guess I need to get something in the mail to you for Sofie. LOL But I haven't figured out the post office here yet. (blush) I'd be more likely to bring it to the US with me and mail from there. teeheee

Alison said...

Hi DeeDee glad you liked your gift.

kitsNbits said...

love the prom album!!

Sherri said...

That paper worked out great with the fabric. You really made a wonderful album. Hope the recipient appreciated it!

Sandra said...

Gorgeous looking album


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