Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me :)

Tomorrow is my 8th wedding anniversary. (Pats self on back.) I'm not really the lovey-dovey romantic type. I saw an anniversary card last month that had a couple arm-wrestling, and it said "Still holding hands after all these years." That is more me. :) 

BUT, I was inspired by these sweet papers and the thought of my anniversary to make a card for my hubby. He is a words-person. If you love him you need to say it - and writing it is even better. 

So - I love you hubby. Thanks for taking silly pics with me.

 These are the cards I made for eBay with my paper scraps. (I promise his wasn't so girly.)

Happy scrapping, and happy anniversary to all the fellow June brides. :)


NinaB said...

Happy anniversary, Deedee. Just by looking at your shabby projects, I wouldn't have guessed you're not the romantic type. :-)

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary! GORGEOUS cards and photos, too!

Sherri said...

Love the cards....congrats on 8 years, may you have MANY more

Tammy said...

Beautiful work as always! Love the silly pictures. Congratulations on 8 years, and many more to come!

Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you and your special love have a great day! I think the silly pictures are totally fun! And adore your card creations as always! :)

TracyJ said...

I have had this paper for a while and just got some of the are totally inspiring me here!


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