Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chocolate Series - Beautiful to Me

This photo of my brown-eyed pixie is from a recent family date. We went to the local farmer's market, and even got to see a small parade. 


My girl was so thrilled to find a FREE waterslide at the end of the market. 

It was so tall that I was terrified of her going up and down it alone. Don't laugh, but I actually teared up. 

You can tell by her grin that she wasn't feeling the same. 

My beautiful brave girl. :)

This album was inspired by my love for family day. :) 

 The album is done in chocolate, pink, cream, and pops of peach and earthy green. 

A secret key for hidden pages. 

Happy scrapping. Enjoy your families. Dee2

1 comment:

ocbrandy said...

Poor Dee Dee...I know exactly what you mean, them dang tears :o) I had a panic attack on the drive to the mountains the first time my oldest daughter went snowboarding!
What great inspiration though!!
Gorgeous album! Keep them coming :o)


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