Friday, July 16, 2010

Chunky Mini - Loved From the Start

If there were a trophy for the year of the stash I would get it for finishing this album. It's been so long since I started it that the paper company went out of business YEARS ago. Every time I saw it on my shelf I would cry, weep, pull out my hair. OK OK, not that bad, but close. ;)

So TADA. Here it is 3.5 years later. 

18 pages of plum goodness. Don't you love that pinch of black gingham?  Lovely. 

Happy De-stashing. Dee2


Scrappinmum said...

I was hoping it woudn't sell as I can really see it for your curly top girl but I see there is a bid. : (

DeeDee said...

Curly top gets plenty of scrapping. Don't wish no sales on me. HAHAHA. :) Love you Sheila.

TracyJ said...

Now THAT is a lumpy bumpy album! It turned out great.


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