Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art: A Window to My Other Side

I am taking classes at The Crafty Scrapper's "Artistic Journey" in October. It's a huge event being taught by the Maya Road design team, and I am so looking forward to it.

Anyway, they issued a challenge to make a tag detailing our personal artistic journey and then post it to the FB page.

 I had Maya Road's new window chipboard pieces out on my craft desk so I wanted to play with those. Break out the paper stash! 

This is what I came up with. I scrounged up papers from my scrap box. I know red and teal don't typically go together, but I thought it would work if I kept the red sort of muted with the cream and black. 

I have also been wanting to play around with these mini-banner pieces. They're so sweet! I hate that I didn't have two more e's so I could spell out Dee Dee. I hate when people just call me Dee (with the exception of Sherri and Becker). I know. There are bigger things to worry about. 

Anyway, I am enjoying more time spent crafting just for me lately. Hope you get some craft time this weekend. 

Dee DEE :D  


Andrea said...

I love it, I always throw a little red in with teal, I love that color combo!

Samantha said...

this is the cutest little tag, love it!! You could so be on there design team!!

Samantha :)

TracyJ said...

Oh yes red and teal DO go together. I made mine at the last moment too, but you did a much better job! I really do like all the fun little elements you worked into this!


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