Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crepe Paper Pretties

I made these sweet name badges for our upcoming tea party. Sofie helped me pick out the flowers, and kept me company while I made them (even though it was her naptime). :)

They're strips of crepe paper layered with glitter centers, name strips, paper flowers, and pinbacks that I glued to the back. We stacked them in a garden crate and filled the extra space with lemon, lime, and aqua bubble wands as party favors for her guests. It's going to be so fun to put out all our creations on Saturday. I can't wait! Happy Scrapping friends. :)



Cindy F said...

Those are gorgeous! I love that vibrant lime green. Beautiful!!!

Scrappinmum said...

I love teaparties and the flowers! I had a crepe paper dressed doll for my bed as a little girl. I would love one for Magdalene. Maybe someday.
Have a great party!!

ocbrandy said...

Aw, Got more pics?! Way too cute Dee Dee...Sounds like you had a blast :O)


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