Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last Bit of Summer

I have a few pics from our recent tea party to share. I had pictured this intimate garden party under our gazebo, but since it was 103 degrees out I finally consented to having the party in our living room. (Change of scene took place 30 minutes before the party. Eeek!) I'm still learning to go with reality instead of the dream. :)

I set this up in the center of the tea table with napkins and colored pencils. We ran out of time before we could do water colors and drawing, but I still sigh in pleasure at the idea. :)

My daughter is always fascinated with my glitter so I poured a smidge into funky bottles, and labeled them. So cute. She wanted to use them like salt and pepper. :)

I found these antique lace-edged napkins at an estate sale out in Waxahachie, cleaned them up a bit, and tied some SU ribbon around them. 

This pedestal held bit and bobs for the kiddos to put on. I found that corsage at a thrift store for 75 cents, and changed out the black flowers and ribbon for white and green. 

This mirror fit the color scheme exactlty, and was my only real purchase for the party at $16 from Joanns. 

I made these little ATCs to tie onto the gift bags, and Sofie stuffed the bags with back-to-school supplies and cosutme jewelry. 

The back of the ATCs. 

This is a hand-dyed basket that I filled with the extra save the date cards, and an old copy of Little Women I found at a garage sale. I still have it out on my counter to hide my hubby's keys and wallet. 

The party guests licking the frosting off their vegan strawberry cupcakes. :) Isn't Sebastian's bowtie so sweet? His Mom made it just for the party. LOVE.

We played lots of balloon games. Sami was our victor in "who can hold the most at once." She was the essence of sugar and spice and everything nice. 

Little Boy Blue ran around foraging food the other kids abandoned, and dancing around in the tulle we used to decorate the chairs. :) 

And my sweet girl was a charming (and slightly hyper) hostess. She gave everyone a super big hug when they left, and managed to hand out our handmade gift bags without breaking down :) . I am so proud of her. She is ready to plan the next party.  She's thinking costumes so maybe around Halloween. We'll see. ;)

Hope you got to do something fun this Summer. Dee2 


Tammy said...

What a good Mommy you are! Your tea party was certainly a huge success. I love all of "you" that you added to the decorations -- gorgeous!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness! You really went all out! Everything looks incredibly fantastic. Wow. You sure are super mommy!

Andrea said...

Looks Fantastic!

TracyJ said...

What a super party. Your children are so CUTE!!!


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