Friday, September 3, 2010

Imagine the Impossible

I carved out some craft time for myself two nights ago, and participated in's second challenge. 

Alice Vintage

Vintage Inspired Alice. 

This is what I came up with: 

Imagine the Impossible. The Red Queen Commands it. 

I wanted it to look like Alice was slaying the Jabberwocky, and that the Queen of Hearts was commanding the Jabberwocky to fight and also commanding me to imagine the impossible. 

I have yet to break the fast so here are my 6 impossible beliefs:
1. I will beat this disease and live a long life.
2. I will submit some of my work for publication, and be published. 
3. I will live debt-free.
4. I will finish the race. I will keep the Faith. 
5. I will keep going to the gym despite decided reluctance.
6. I will be the best mom I can be every day. 

That's a lot of believing! Hope you like the ATC. Dee2


Tammy said...

This is awesome! And, you can do it! Keep the faith!

Sherri said...

not so impossible! cute tag too

ocbrandy said...

Love the atc! You always use them tiny letters so dang perfectly!
I believe in you girl. Your list is ever so inspiring.


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