Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Scrapbook Albums and Nature Walks

I've been working to finish some Fall albums. I've been enjoying all the beautiful Autumn weather we're having in Dallas lately. My work has been inspired by nature walks with my kids, and from what I can see out of my craftroom window. 

This is a delightful weed that sprung up under my window this last week. I love the cheery yellow sprouts when everything else is fading to a crispy brown. 

Cracking leaves, brilliant shades. 

Love this butterfly stamp: In Flight. 

 I think these are about to burst into blossom. Whatever is in there the hummingbirds love them. This is a small bush by the front door. 

I'm so happy Thanksgiving is almost here. :) It's my favorite holiday. Family and friends sharing meals and PIE. It's also closely followed by my birthday. Just close enough that I can have turkey sandwiches with gravy as leftovers. 

My daughter and I are going to fill this wreath with the things we've been collecting from our nature walks. We added crunchy yellow leaves today. 

I am so in love with this color palette right now. Well, always, but I don't usually get to use it the rest of the year. :)

The whole feel of this came out so lush and regal. It makes me want to wrap myself in luxurious fabric and write long hand letters. 

This is the friendly tree outside my window. Sadly, it never gets any chirpy birds. That is reserved for the tree outside my daughter's window at 5 am. :D

Happy Scrapping friends! DeeDee


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Fabulous pictures you have been very busy, I love the colour pallettes you have chosen. The butterflies are beautiful. Thank you for sharing these, I feel the need to get my scrapbook box out of the cupboard now

kitsNbits said...

Love all the albums you are doing lately. I too love the colors of fall and you have inspired me once again.


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