Monday, January 18, 2010

Support Earthquake Relief in Haiti

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?" M.L. King, Jr.

I was inspired by another artist/blogger to list something to raise money for earthquake relief in Haiti. I am too sick to get in the craft room to make something specific, but I am listing this grandparents paper bag album. I hope that it is well-received and that I can do something to bring help to these people in crisis. 100% of the auction price will go to Convoy of Hope to assist them in their efforts in bringing water, food, and assistance to Haiti.

The listing is scheduled to go live tonight. If you can do anything to help - please do! If you post a blog or charity auction please let me know, and I will link to it. Blessings. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Passed Down and Passed Away

I don't think I shared here, but my grandmother passed away this Christmas. It was such a deep loss for me, and the first I have had to face in several years. I think she is the one who passed on this creative gene that I have been exploring through scrapbooking. She was a seamstress all her life, coming from a long line of French seamstresses. So I have decided that I will be taking up some other crafts this year. Quilting, embroidery - we shall see. For now, I made this grandmother album for eBay and did some journaling about my Nana that I will perhaps share soon.

Take some time to preserve your memories, and perhaps share in the handmade crafting passed down to you.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Memories Like This

I have pictures of another de-stash project for you. I had the embellishments to put together this grandfather paper bag album for a couple of years, but never really the right papers. This is what I came up with.

Colorful, but still manly right?

  It still has a bit of a soft look to to the album, but I was pleased with it.

I made 3 other themed albums using this same paper. :) Will post those soon.

 I really like the way the layered pages look here.

Well, my kids have strep-throat and I have the flu so no scrapping going on here. I plan to lay in bed all weekend reading your blogs. :) Happy scrapping everyone.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

16 Months Later

We moved into our house in September of 2009, and my hubby just put the first two nails in the wall for me this week. I have been reluctant to put anything on the walls as I am always thinking about the next place we will live. Guess being an army brat will do that to a person.

 Here is a shot from the doorway. I'm sure you're all looking at my messy desk instead of the shadowboxes so I will acknowledge it. ;) I am working on 3 different projects there so I have a lot of stuff out.

Here are the shadow boxes. I found them for $10 each at Target last week. The three pots are from Ikea. I don't plan to leave what is in them now permanently. They are far too practical, and I need them to be more pretty than functional. ;)

This one holds a pic of my daughter and I from October 2007. The blue card is from my sweet friend Hope - a little encouragement for the tough year I just went through. The necklace was made by a blog friend who went to be with Jesus Jan. 3rd. The pincushion was an Etsy find. I had bought it to send to my grandmother, but she passed away the week before Christmas when I was supposed to be sending it.

All the paintings are by this artist. I find her scripture paintings so encouraging. This large one has wings made from the pages of a Bible.

 This pic is for my friend Sandie who wanted to see if my shelves were different than the last time she saw them. Um, not really. Hahahaha. I need to get busy using the stash. :)

Happy Scrapping everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's About Time

Three years ago, when I first started scrapbooking, my friends and I would browse eBay looking at all the amazing layouts and albums that were selling for sometimes hundreds of dollars. We couldn't imagine why people would pay so much when they could have the fun of making things themselves. Now that I have 2 kids - I know why! :) It's about time. There is never enough.

I started this paper bag album 2.5 years ago. I cut all the pages and ribbon, did all the inking. I just never found the time to glue in the pages and embellish them. So happy it is is done, and just as sweet as I originally imagined. :)

 Winter has hardly had time to chill my bones, and I am already longing for Spring. I know most people get a running start with the new year, but for me new beginnings always come with Spring. The vibrant colors of this album brought a happy little reminder of all things being made new.

Sweet pink and cream - my daughter told me this week she likes pink again, not just purple. I need to get some pictures before this limited window closes!! ;)

This chipboard album is also part of my destashing. I finished the first 6 pages over a year ago, but just never found the right mojo to finish it until this week. It really turned out more beautiful than I thought it would. :)

The different shaped pages were novel when this originally came out, but now I am woefuly behind the times. :D

That tag is from Crate Paper. I love the momma bird leading the little ones. So sweet.

I hope you're inspired to go through your stash and complete an unfinished project. If you don't have any  I'm sure there are quite a few of us that could spare one for you to work on. ;) Happy Scrapping. Dee2

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010: Year of the Stash

I'm not sure if someone has already said this, but I am declaring 2010 the year of the stash. I have accumulated so many supplies in the 3 years I have been scrapbooking. I plan to make myself use it up this year. I still want to buy new stuff so I guess I need to get busy scrapping! :) This first project is a paper bag album I started over a year ago. Yikes! 

I love the pinks and browns together, and I used up all scraps to complete the album. :)

I also used scraps from my last PBA to make these shabby Valentine's Day cards.

 I think this is the perfect blend of sweet pink and romantic red. It reminds me of a cross between a newspaper and a jersey. :)

Love the crushed velvet ribbon. Maya Road makes my heart sing.

 I went a little crazy with the layers here. I read this blog called Simplicity, and I'm sure she would have stopped several layers back. ;)

 I love how this one turned out: lots of fun texture and variations in color.

Hope you like. All these projects are on eBay if you're interested. Happy Year of the Stash!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

I haven't done much in the scraproom since making dozens of cards as Christmas gifts, but I hope to get busy soon. Drat. Wish I'd taken pics of those cards to share. Might sneak a pic when I visit friends. :)

  I don't know what it is, but this year I am totally feeling the pinks and reds of Valentine's Day. This is usually my Bah Humbug time of year, but I am spilling over with love. I think it must be the newborn in the house. :D

I love these white scrolls. :)

  Isn't this MME paper gorgeous?

Isn't it perfectly feminine and frilly? I wish it could be even more over-the-top. :)

Hope you like. It's on eBay if you'd like to see more. Happy Scrapping. :)


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