Friday, January 7, 2011

Craft Room Overhaul

Remember this shelf? I bought it at a Pottery Barn outlet last yearish for $40. I was hoping to find a second matching one over the weekend as we were back in San Marcos. 

I love how it stores my paints and charms, and is also a great place for displaying my ATC collection. Well, no luck finding a second one. :( I totally regret not buying the second one the first visit. But, I did find something new for my craft room. :)

Tada! :) I had to move the other shelf to a different wall to make room for this beauty. It's about 4 feet wide. There is a cork board inside so I am going to start an inspiration wall. I tucked in the magazines I am currently reading. (Well, the craft ones anyway. We'll talk about that obsession some other day.)

So the other shelf got moved here - above the plastic paper storage. 

These baskets hold the bulk of my chipboard stash. 

This one holds pages leftover from completed albums. 

This one has shipping tags and vintage ephemera, along with some canvas covered albums.

This one holds the oddly shaped albums. I counted 32..

This is a basket for projects I've seen on blogs and want to try, and also holds my die-cut felt collection. Still looking for a prettier way to store that. 

This is my seam binding stash - all blame goes to Lisa Pace for telling me where to buy it. ;)

Some larger chipboard albums, and a chipboard cone I want to use for May Day this year if I can only remember before the day arrives. Grrr. 

 This is my 6x6" and 8x8" paper collection. If I like a paper line I buy it in this size for myself because it is a lot less expensive. 

Next to that sits this cart that I found at a garage sale for $3. I put this sign on here to remind me to keep things simple on my projects and in my room. 

That's my tour of the craft room after its overhaul this week. I can officially cross one resolution off my list. Happy Scrapping! Dee2


Cindy F said...

Thanks for the tour, DeeDee! I love your room. Very nicely organized. One day I will have a room of my own to scrap in (I hope).

Lisa M. Pace said...

DeeDee you are ORGANIZED... looks great!

Karin said...

Looks great...I've been doing the same. Funny how that chipboard seems to sneak up on us!

ocbrandy said...

Well done DeeDee! I have few little bins I use for easy clean up...I hate sorting all the ribbons and flowers...chipboard...etc etc...right after each project! :) I like to save it up for a rainy day. :P

Scrappinmum said...

Love the room! I miss my scraphut very much. My little patio doesn't call my name or inspire me. : (
You have a wonderful stash. I have never played with chipboard and very little with ink. My paper stash though... you would be dying over. (blush)Now If I can just get ribbon here. : )

Sandra said...

oohhh thank you for the tour, I love your creative space :) How do you manage though to pack if you attend crops? or maybe crops should be held at your yummy place :)

kitsNbits said...

Great tour, I love seeing where you create all your beautiful projects. Now if you could just come over to my house and organize my room .....

Samantha said...

thanks for the tour!! You are so organized!! Love your room and your Pottery Barn finds!! Think you have inspired be to clean up my space, lol!!

Tammy said...

How very inspiring!! I loved all the pics ~ and I really like that poster of you and your husband. I could look at these pictures (and dream) all day!

Jana said...

Thank you so much....your room is so inspiring.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

you have inspired me to clean up my Crack House of a studio but we'll see if i can work it in.
you've done a fabulous job of organizing:)
And the chipboard albums? Embarrassing.
The seam binding? Embarrassing.
And that leaves my vintage rhinestone collection?
Priceless. lol

You mentioned going to san marcus to the pottery barn outlet - i'm curious as to where you live. I live on why. 27 between comfort and kerrville. Thomason Ranch - white fence at entrain w/ pink bicycles.

email me re: where you are in texas! I'd love to know if you're close;)


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