Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you following me? ;)

I just noticed that I have 105 followers! How exciting. Maybe I should do something official for having broken 100? Of course, who knows how many people actually read this thing. ;)

I have a few fun projects to share. :)

Bathing Suit Beauty: I made a crown of sorts for her out of flowers and undersea creatures.

I embossed and added Maya Mist to all the chipboard, and added touches of Stickles. 

I also added Glossy Accents to the bubbles to make them 3d. 

I wanted this to be funky and graphic. I was happy with it. It's as busy as she is. ;)

I made the pink flower by rolling and glueing ribbon. Love how it looks like a lollipop. 

She was such a chub when she was little! I miss her chubbiness. 

I added some punched out butterflies. So sweet. 

These papers and ribbons are so cute with her bathing suit. :)

I used a mask and Maya Mist on the white cardstock. Love how it turned out. 

I put this sweet vintage inspired family album in my etsy store.

I made this birthday crown for one of my best friend's sister's son. I LOVE how it turned out. It looks like a piece of cake to me for some reason - a literal one I mean. Mmmm sugar. 

Okay, more later. I am off to vanquish some laundry! Thanks for all the comments you leave me. I love this community of artists/bloggers/scrappers. 

Creativity belongs to all of us!

Dee Dee


Bianchii said...

I started to write blog in English.
I will write about everything, will be a lot of pictures, reviews of books, films, songs etc.
So it would be nice if you visit my blog sometimes :)
(Sorry for mistakes, I'm still learning English)

Kristina-Nicole said...

You've been inspiring me with your work! I've got an award for you. You can click the link here: http://kristinanicoleblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-got-award.html

Also, here's my direct blog: www.kristinanicoleblog.blogspot.com



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