Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She Went Her Own Way Canvas

I decided to do something fun for myself during March by taking an online class. :) I debated between a mixed media class and a sewing class, and the She Art canvas classes won out. :) 

This was my first canvas for the class, and I have to say I'm hooked! I had tried a canvas class once before more than two years ago, but never gave myself the free time to explore and create with what I learned. This class wasn't much different as far as technique. Well, to be honest ... I was too impatient to watch the videos! I watched the first one about what paints to buy, and I was off! Haha. I will make myself go back and watch them soon. 

Anyway, this is me. :) 

The title "she went her own way, life unscripted" is sort of a reflection of my journey. There are always people trying to tell me what I should be doing, or could be doing, but I'm me. I let them be them, and I go my own way. Life unscripted seemed fitting because even my own plans of late have been tossed about by the storms of life. Still, I'm trying to find God's beauty in the midst of it all. 

I used a bit of lace trim for the skirt, and a fun bingo stamp. I've never mentioned it, but I love the game of bingo. I used to go with my mother some weekends when I was very young as long as I sat quietly and paid close attention when the numbers were being called. Once when visiting my grandmother she took me to bingo, and I won $14. I was so upset that she kept $7 even though she paid for my cards. What a brat I was! ;)

I had fun turning the old book paper a nice sandy brown to match my skintone. You can see some of the layers through the paint and medium here. It is really hard for me to start a project without knowing what the end result will look like. Let's not analyze that too much. ;)

I added in this chipboard sun at the last minute. It was stubborn of me. I have felt down a lot lately with my health status, but I decided to make my own sunshine. :) 

After some prodding, and because I think it will be fun I will be teaching a canvas class at The Crafty Scrapper probably at the beginning of May. Keep your eye out if it is something you've wanted to try. 

Creativity belongs to all of us.

Dee Dee


Jana said...

WoW! I am so impressed. I have watched almost all the week one videos but haven't gotten to play yet. My day job is keeping me busy. Keep arting.

kitsNbits said...

Love this so much!!!!


Wow, this is so fabulous! You did an awesome job!

DeeDee said...

Thank you. :)

DeeDee said...

I wish I'd done more. I've only made three!


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