Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're My Baby Doll

I have been wanting to put this shadowbox together for a while. I pulled bits and bobs from my stash, and some of my favorite photos of her from when she was a newborn to fill in the slots. 

Her favorite color is plum purple, but when she was tiny I decorated for her in bright summery yellow and punch pink. Since the shadowbox is for me (of her) I decided to go back to those colors. 

When I saw the long slots I knew right away I wanted to use it to put Sofie's hospital bands from when she was born. Then when I got them out I realized they were super tiny so I filled in one of the smaller slots with one of them. 

I decided to make the sugar jar much smaller than the spice jar cuz' that's my girl. ;)

Every night (since she was born) when I put her to bed I tell her "you're the tiny love of my life." 

I love this paper-doll cut out from Crate Paper. So sweet. 

I love this photo of her. She was so cute in the red gingham outfit. I loved it because it came with that big floppy hat. 

I think I might make one for Blue next. :)


Karin said...

So adorable!

Kristine Berc said...

This is gorgeous!

tilli said...

E' bellissimo!

Samantha said...

this is beautiful!! how lucky your kids are to have a mom that scraps such wonderful things for them!!

kitsNbits said...

I love so precious!!

DeeDee said...

Thank you. A year later and I am still trying to get around to making one of these for my son. Haha

DeeDee said...

Thank you. :)

DeeDee said...

Thank you :)

DeeDee said...

Thank you. :)


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