Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hope House Mixed Media Canvas

My church is starting a new ministry in the community. "Hope Mansion is our community’s home for women in crisis pregnancy. When completed, we will serve women in a residential atmosphere and help them establish a relationship with their baby and our Lord. They will learn life skills and eventually return to productive lives knowing that our God has purpose for them; they will find Hope in God." 

I love it, and I was inspired to make this canvas for the ministry. 

I titled it "She expected great things." I am praying that God will do great things through the ministry, and that babies and mothers in crisis will be filled with hope and direction. 

I built the house from pages of my first bible. I then layered in a prayer from my journal for the mothers and babies and people that will minister to them. Then I layered specific scriptures over the top that I were on my heart for the ministry. 

It might be hard to tell from the photos, but there are a ton of details to this mixed media canvas. 

This is my hand-drawn/cut pregnant mama. In her hands are a key and a locket that says trust. 

I am not sure how it will be used, but I decided to be brave and find a use for my art. Hope you like. 

Dee Dee 


GMS said...

Oh, DeeDee, it's just beautiful and so full of meaning. I love love love all the thought you put into this.

Nitasha said...

This is gorgeous! What a blessing to be able to use your talents in such a special way!

Sherri said...

Pretty to look at and full of meaning! hmm, hanging keys, perhaps they have additional thoughts ?

Jana said...


Nor Haniza (Niza Taj) said...

So nice !!
Love your site very much ! :)

Betty said...

Love it! beautiful!

DeeDee said...

Thank you. It now hangs at a business in cedar hill run by ladies at my church.

DeeDee said...

Thank you. :)

DeeDee said...

Thanks. :)


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