Friday, May 20, 2011

The Simple Life

Here's a couple of projects I created recently. One is a photo tray that will eventually hang by my front door and hold receipts. 

It's called "the simple life," and I designed it with a vintage americana look. I tried to keep it really simple because I will be teaching it as a class in June, but I may go back and add a few trinkets here and there. 

I had a lot of fun working in little details to this project, and thought it would be sweet for displaying  various family photos without too much fuss. 

This is a baby album I made for a baby shower last month for my friend Lori. :) Her son was born the day of the shower so I had to wait a bit to give it to her. I really think making baby albums must be my favorite thing. I fly right through them just thinking about how happy they will make the new momma. 

More to show you soon. I have created a few things for the Great American Scrapbook Convention that's happening in Arlington in a few weeks, and they've turned out SO cute. :) 

Creativity belongs to all of us! 

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