Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kindergarten Album

My daughter started kindergarten last month. It was a big event for our family. I am a stay-at-home mom so I felt keenly that I needed to record this big change. To go along with some of the pictures I've been taking I made this kindergarten mini-album to record some stats from the beginning of the year.

I used Graphic 45's ABC Primer papers. I just loved the vintage look. I think it goes nicely with the plaid from her school uniforms.

 This album is at The Crafty Scrapper right now so I didn't write in all her personal details, but I recorded her height and weight to add into the album as well as info about her teacher and friends.
This is a close-up of her missing teeth. She is so proud of them. :)

When the year is over I am going to give this album to her to put on her bookshelf. I am making a 12x12 album for myself to record the year. :)

If you need a mini school album I will be teaching this as a class at The Crafty Scrapper on September 24th at 10:30 am. :)

Happy Fall! Dee2


Cindy said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!! I love the plaid and the black and cream...just perfect. I saw that paper up there and even though I had no reason to buy it, I had to get just a little. LOVE this and I know your little does too. She's so stinkin cute! Takes after her momma!


DeeDee said...

That paper sold like crazy. G45 is always luring me in. ;)


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