Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday Party Theme and Decorations

 I just wanted to share a few pictures from my daughter's birthday party this winter. She loves to have a traditional at-home party with lots of games and decorations so we spent the week making stuff to put up around the house.

This wagon was out front filled with poppers for the kids to play with when they arrived. 

My husband did the streamers. She always has her birthday with her cousin so we used royal blue, plum, and cream for the colors. 

We filled the house with 100 balloons. It took so long to get rid of all of them! I secretly cut them down with a pair of scissors one night after everyone went to sleep. 

I had 10x12" pictures of the kids blown up and hanging on the wall as a keepsake. 

This is from our very competitive game of Pictionary. 

Don't you love the headband? I found it at the Dove's Next on the square in Waxahachie. 

Uncle Shawn and cousin CeCe. :) 

Cheryti made some delicious no egg cookie treats, and I finally got a no egg or vinegar cake to turn out. :) 

The 6 and 8 were sparkler candles. I thought they were such a cute idea. 

The kids were mesmerized. 

And then we lit them. Oh the smoke! 6 asthmatics in the room including both birthday kids and moms, and we moved the party outside. Oops! lol

Thanks for looking! 


Sandie said...

GREAT pics! Looks like they all had a fun day. Love the 10x12 wall photos, very neat idea.

Sorry about the asthmatics... :S

DeeDee said...

I still have the one of Sofie hangin in my craftroom. I need to frame it.


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