Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ornament Swap

One of the Christmas parties I went to last week was an ornament swap. I decided as I was shopping and creating to "go big or stay home" and thus my floofy ball of sequins was born. :)

 I started with just the ball covered in pink and plum sequins. Then I added this oh so shabby flower that I'd inked up.
 Then I had to cover my hot-glue stem so I added this bubblegum vintage sequin flower by Maya Road with coordinating stems for the backside.
 Then so it would sweet to open I hand-stitched pink tulle into layers of brown coffee filters, and filled the bottom with pink, cream, wooden, and bookpaper embellishments.

To finish it off I wrapped it in burlap and added a couple bookpaper roses I made to the top.

It was fun, and I got a sweet trinket to take home too. Merry Christmas everyone!

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