Friday, January 25, 2013

Maya Road Linen Valentine

It's a chilly Friday night *brr*, and my kids and I are still trying to get over varying degrees of the flu. I'm hoping February will bring much sweeter things to my life than this last bitter month. I'm embracing the softness of February.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share a sweet little Valentine I made recently. I love how completely feminine it turned out. My seven-year-old daughter made the perfect "oooh and ahh" noises when I showed her. :)

 I started with a Maya Road canvas heart, and I pulled out the stitching from about half of the heart to make a pocket.
 To the front I added some Maya Road sweet rosette trim that I inked up a bit, and a rosette flower I stitched together with a rusty chipboard lock in the center.
Here you can see what the linen heart looks like with the key and tag pulled out of the heart. To the back of the linen heart I added some crocheted trim, but I wish I'd added it between the pieces. I was originally going somewhere else with this, but you know how it is - sometimes the design leads itself.
 I used VerDay paints to add patina to the lock, and hand cut a little circle from inky old book paper to make the rosette center.
  The inside is stuffed with a Maya Road canvas heart tin which is covered in book paper, and lined with glitter. I stitched this jewel over the front of the heart. It keeps the tin in place, and I figured I could tuck something under it.
Here's a little close-up of the kraft tag and chipboard key tied up with dusty pink seam-binding and embellished with a little pink rhinestone.

If you're like me and you love Maya Road, and have lots of their supplies in your stash - here's a quick and easy valentine idea. 

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Banner

My craft room has been a sweet pink romantic haven this last week. I love when everyone is in bed sleeping peacefully, and I get a chance to shed the chaos of the day and make pretty things.

This last month *sigh.* Extra quiet time, please and thank you.

The first blush of 2013 is a Valentine's Day banner I made for my friend Michelle.
I had to text her as I was gathering supplies to double-check whether she likes bling. I'm so glad she's a girly-girl because I could not pass up that gorgeous pink-sequined paper.

You can see the hearts have been stitched down the centers onto the banner panels.

 The hearts are each three layers: a scalloped rose pink and two layers of the carnation pink.

 Here's a close up of the last panel. When I put together a project like this I like to close my hands and gently run my fingers over the top just to make sure the layers and textures really appeal to my sense of touch. I want people to love what I've made so much they just have to reach out and touch it.

 I hung it over my sewing desk to snap a quick picture so you can see what it looks like strung together on the smoky pink seam biding. I hope you like! If you'd like me to make you a banner you can order through my etsy shop or facebook page. Thanks!

Back to my craftroom soon so I can make Sugar and Spice Artist Trading cards..

Dee Dee

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drama Queen Crown

 One of the most fun things I get to make are crowns. :)  This fun drama queen crown went to my friend at Bella Jewel Photography, and she sent me back these sweet pics of her daughter in the crown.

This one below totally cracked me up because my daughter makes this face ALL THE TIME! :) 
Love love. Happy scrapping friends!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas Art

I created two canvases for Ohana Ministries back in November. Sadly, I only got a quick pic of this one. Ohana Ministries reaches out to single, step, grandparent, foster, and adoptive families in DFW.

This canvas was inspired by the women who respond to the orphan crisis.

The girl is made from book pages that tell the story of an orphan found in a brothel, adopted by her extended family, and eventually led to faith in Jesus. Layered into the background are pages from my first bible given to me when I was an orphan.

I loved how all the layers in her hair turned out. I used all different rub-ons and stamps through her hair to look like curls and fly-aways. her wings are made from leaves and ribbon I had in my stash, and I created a layered skirt and dress from 7Gypsies patterned paper.

I am hoping to create a few more Mixed Media pieces in 2013, and learn some new techniques along the way. :) And to remember to take pictures. ;)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tissue Paper Christmas Banner

 I made several Christmas banners this year. I was really intending to make albums, and I didn't even make one! Maybe if I start in July this year I can actually do all the Christmas crafts I have in mind.

Here are some detail pictures of a black, red, and white Christmas banner I made in November.
 I covered the letters with Black Maya Mist from Maya Road and layered each onto a calendar square from Jenni Bowlin. Then I added a little embellishment under each letter (Maya Road linen bag here).
The little tree is from Hobby Lobby and the red trims are from Michaels. 
 I loved the way these little red buttons looked like holly berries layered together on the kraft envelope.

 Each panel had a layer of vellum to create a softened look. A little bling to line the I.
 I added silver and red Stickles for depth.
This was for a friend, and I was really quite pleased with the traditional look of it. Did you make a holiday banner this year?


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