Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Banner

My craft room has been a sweet pink romantic haven this last week. I love when everyone is in bed sleeping peacefully, and I get a chance to shed the chaos of the day and make pretty things.

This last month *sigh.* Extra quiet time, please and thank you.

The first blush of 2013 is a Valentine's Day banner I made for my friend Michelle.
I had to text her as I was gathering supplies to double-check whether she likes bling. I'm so glad she's a girly-girl because I could not pass up that gorgeous pink-sequined paper.

You can see the hearts have been stitched down the centers onto the banner panels.

 The hearts are each three layers: a scalloped rose pink and two layers of the carnation pink.

 Here's a close up of the last panel. When I put together a project like this I like to close my hands and gently run my fingers over the top just to make sure the layers and textures really appeal to my sense of touch. I want people to love what I've made so much they just have to reach out and touch it.

 I hung it over my sewing desk to snap a quick picture so you can see what it looks like strung together on the smoky pink seam biding. I hope you like! If you'd like me to make you a banner you can order through my etsy shop or facebook page. Thanks!

Back to my craftroom soon so I can make Sugar and Spice Artist Trading cards..

Dee Dee


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is adorable!

melissa said...

Thx for popping by my page! This is so adrable~I love being inspired to be more creative! ~melissa


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