Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Boy Shower Gift

A sweet little paper bag album I made for a baby shower gift recently. :)

I love custom orders. Makes me happy to think of a new mom being surprised with something I made just for her. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Handmade Bookmarks

My daughter celebrated turning seven this January. We had no less than five birthday celebrations - eep!

 Between school and church we went out to dinner. :)

 She was particularly excited about her turn to participate in the class tradition of getting a bracelet and a bookmark from her teacher. Her teacher's birthday was exactly one month later, and my daughter had the idea to hand-make her bookmarks. I set out to teach her the very basic mechanics of using my sewing machine, gave her access to the paper stash, and she was off! ;)

The pictures are a bit awful because I didn't remember until I was walking into the school to drop her off to take a pic..

Her teacher likes charlie brown so she made a little layer of his shirt, and then later added some stickers. Mostly this was fun because she was tickled pink about using the sewing machine. I let her practice straight lines on notebook paper first.

 We made this second one together. We cut the layers from cream and brown wool felt, and took the spine from an old book we bought together at a garage sale.
 Then we stitched the layers together, sewed some ribbons to the top, and I stitched on the button. :)

We tucked the bookmarks into a journal that we inked up a bit. Happiness- making pretty things and spending time with my sweet girl. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts and Pancakes

The last twinkling lights and dark shadows of winter have finally been swept from my craftroom. The ribbons and trims have bloomed pink. New flowers have budded.

I also went through my stash and got out everything pink and frilly. Out came the Prima Flowers, Canvas Corp Canvas (trimmed into a heart shape), vintage pink buttons, a small mountain of pink and cream trims, and little romantic trinkets. *happy sigh*

Here's the first sweet nothing from my desk - made just to set my hands and heart to making something pretty, to finding my inner artist who has been feeling a little beaten up lately.

Turns out she's tiny and sweet.

 "my valentine"

layered patterned papers
tattered edges
crackle paint
distress ink
tulle roses

Here's my other valentine.
He's 3.
It won't be long before he starts school.
It's hard for me to think about.
I adore him,
and while I wouldn't call him spoiled..

 He's the only one I've ever cooked pancakes for,
(chocolate chip-walnut pancakes)
after digging in the dirt
because that's how he wanted to spend the morning.
 He isn't a fan of having his picture taken,
but I'd like a record of our days together for
when he is a teenager and nothing I do is cool
or interesting.
I will remind him of pancakes and playing in the dirt, 
and all the sweet nothings we did to pass the time.


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