Monday, March 25, 2013

Altered Rolodex Cards

It's late March, and the leaves on the tree outside my craft room window have finally begun to sprout. We had a wet stormy weekend, and then today it is a chilly 32 degrees. Oh how I long for Spring! For long walks in warm temperate weather enjoying the singing birds and everything come to life around me.


The Paper Cowgirls are doing an Altered Rolodex Swap, and I've decided to dive right in. It feels good to be creating again even in tiny budding amounts. The swap has a nice far away due date so there's little pressure and few restrictions. I'm creating things I like without worrying about whether other people will like them, without wondering if I am displaying enough technique and skill.


This is so my life right now - controlled chaos. *sigh* I suppose I must admit I'm not the one in control when it comes right down to it. So many things haven't been going according to my plans and desires, but I'm hanging in there and finding my joy in the Lord.

 It's been lonely, but I've been making better decisions about who to spend time with, and what things I allow in my heart and head. I just don't have energy for negativity and drama.

 I want to get there - that point where I'm not weighed down by the past and present troubles. Changing myself is a slow process. Perhaps like the start of Spring.

Thanks for stopping by, DeeDee

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sugar and Spice ATC Swap

I hosted an ATC swap for February for FB art group I belong to. Actually, I try to host one every Valentine's Day. More specifically I try to host a chance to make anti-Valentine's day art or cards. Even as much as I love romance and PINK they're always more popular, more fitting, somehow more soothing than just plain old love.. This year I had the idea to host a sugar and spice swap so people could make three sweet and three not so sweet cards. Here's what I came up with.

"Don't Kiss and Tell" This is so needed for the social network age. It gets a little messy seeing everyone's business on FB, Twitter, and even blogs. :P

These were painted, stamped, inked, doodled, sanded, and colored with my Gelatos. Then I added a few stickers to tell the story.

"One Delightful Goodbye" A break-up card. Why don't they ever have these in the pack?
 My favorite - "I don't like you." I never really get to say it, but come on. You know there are those people out there. The ones you never really click with. Those people who never click with anyone. This is for them. I'm not mean enough to actually give this to anyone, but it is sitting in the front of my ATC display case right now reminding me to pray for those rotten people in my life that I just don't like and probably never will. *sigh*

And to redeem myself here's something softer and sweeter.

 I used sticky backed canvas and then painted over a stencil with light pink paint, then I stamped over that with the brick stamp using Distress Ink, then I painted over that with a rose stencil and paint, then I stenciled over a plastic doily from Yapping Cat Studio with bronze paint and then inked all the edges until it finally felt done.

  I added some Maya Road trim, Prima Flowers, and stickers and patterned papers to finish the story.
I've traded all, but one of these away and I am enjoying the other artists interpretation of the theme. :) Tiny pieces of art to express myself and then their art in return that stirs me. It's a good trade.

Vintage Birthday Banner

I made this sweet vintage birthday banner for a friend. She's younger than me, but she has a fun vintage vibe. I'll resist feeling old..

She's from Waxahachie. She appreciates antiques. Her daughter is turning one. She had the sweetest photo session of her daughter in a secret garden wearing creamy lace, layered ruffles, and garden roses. The banner is meant to express all that.

Super simple. Let the colors and, patterns, and ribbon tell the story. 

Inky ribbons and dyed seam-binding.
Paisley papers.
Garden roses.
Twine cording.

I used my silhouette to knock out the letters. Easy peasy.

Happy Birthday little M. I pray this is a year is just your secret garden - full of untamed beauty, healthy growth, and secret merriment.
 I hope this banner can be used for many people in her family too.



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