Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hair Accessories

Like many of my crafty friends, I tend to hobby jump. I see something pretty, sparkly, or interesting and I find myself picking up new skills and hobbies. Although that didn't work out with knitting. I just couldn't embrace the imperfections..

After I created the wedding veil and hair clip for my friend this Spring I decided to try my hand at making a head wreath from something more durable than paper.

 This is a soft romantic piece I created.

This arrangement of flowers sits on a braided vine crown trimmed with blossoms in Powder Blush, Pink Innocence, Thicket, and Moonbeam.
 The vintage flowers are repurposed from a 1960's bridal bouquet. I've woven in vintage golden and cream beads.

Happy hobby hopping! :) DeeDee

1 comment:

Sandie said...

Oh my, that is STUNNING!! Good luck with the new Etsy store :D


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