Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Time to Shine Toothless Grin Double Layout

Today I want to share a double layout I created from the newest Front Porch Kit - Your Time to Shine.

First, let me say I can never get a good picture of a double layout side by side. I don't know how you all do it. I need a tutorial, a video, something.. Forgive the lack of side-by-side pictures. The first side is titled Toothless Grin.

My daughter has lost 8 teeth so far and we take a new picture every time. We always celebrate by preparing for the tooth fairy who is very generous with gifts. I cannot CANNOT resist those cute lips! She cracks me up.
This picture is from the same day, but I wanted to highlight her big beautiful brown eyes. To the right of the page you can see where I've added glittered trim and various patterned papers for an extra splash of color that draws the eye.

This shows how the two layouts coordinate. First I stenciled a circle design and painted it. To create the design I overlapped the painted circles and sequins design down the edges of both pages.

A little stitching over the chipboard letters. I love the celebration stamp - hello useful.

I added some fabric under the photo matte for a touch more dimension and texture and then gathered the ends and stitched a button to the center to make a faux bow. I also added some cardstock behind the chipboard letter and tucked it behind the fabric. Super cute.
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You can order a kit  directly from the Little Blue House at 817-431-7930 or online at The Little Blue House.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my projects! :)

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Oh, my!!!! Did the tooth fairy visit your house? Lovely layout!


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