Friday, May 23, 2014

On Broadway NYC Scrapbook

This weekend adventure kit gave me the nudge to start scrapping some of my travel photos that have been lingering in a box for a few years.

The biggest weekend adventure I've been on was traveling to NYC with three of my best friends. It was freezing (literally) and one of them had the flu. So sad! She was a trooper and still made the trip.
I decided I wanted this layout to mimic all the colors and lights of Times Square as we walked around the night before going to see The Lion King. The colors and crowds were completely overwhelming to me!

One of my favorite parts of our trip was seeing The Lion King. The costumes were amazing. The singing was so beautiful. There was a little German lady sitting next to me that cried the entire play..
I had fun creating all these layers that remind me of all the signage from the city.

We stopped afterward to take pictures and I had a hot dog from a cart. I'm still surprised I ate from a cart. Haha.

Here's the full double layout. :)

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