Thursday, November 12, 2015

Finally Fall

It's finally cooling down in North Texas and beginning to feel like fall. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving and my birthday next week. My sister and one brother are flying in to spend the week with me. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! 

During the holidays, I see my friends and extended family more. My husband and I are more intentional about how we spend our time. This year we went to the fall festival at our church together. 

In fall, we count our blessings and prepare our hearts for Christmas time. :)

This year I've been spending late nights making advent calendars. Every year, I get requests for them. People looking for ways to put the holy back in holidays and the giving back in thankfulness. 

I'm going slower this year - giving my body more time or rest. Allowing my spirit more time to dwell on the meaning of our celebrations. 

One tradition I joined again this year is the Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments countdown. I'm day 11. :) I hope you'll follow along the countdown with me. 

I love handmade ornaments for my tree. This year I bought some tags and intend to mark all the ornaments with which kid made them and what year before too much time passes and I forget.

I hope you're enjoying fall and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Happy crafting!  

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